Does Your Moving Company Deliver Ubox Containers?

ANSWER: Yes. We are a certified Ubox Delivery Service provider as well. We currently perform delivery only and Delivery & load/ unload solutions. Have a Ubox container? Get your free online quote or book now.

How Do I Cancel My Move Request?

ANSWER: If you booked/ placed your move through a third party (Movinghelp, Uhaul, Hireahelper, etc) service you will need to go through that company to process your cancellation. Since we did not accept any monies from you directly, we would not be responsible to issue your refund to you.

Does Your Company Refund for Unused Time?

ANSWER: No. We do not refund for unused booked time. When time is booked exclusively for your move, we can no longer sell or book that reserved time slot to other potential clients seeking to move. This allotment of time is therefore blocked off/ lost from the day you booked until the day of your actual move.

Does your Company Charge a hourly Minimum

ANSWER:   We have a two (2) hour minimum of requirement of any moving-related service. It is not economically feasible to book and dispatch providers for less than 2-hours.

Does Your Company Charge for Stairs?

ANSWER: No. We do not charge for flights of stairs. However, if your move has more than 4 flights of stairs, we do require that you book, additional providers to accommodate such.

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