Delivery and Drop Off

ANSWER: There are 2 types of delivery options for containers.

  1. We will only pickup, deliver the container and you will be responsible for the loading or unloading before return it;
  2. We will pickup, deliver and our moving labor teams will load or unload the container for you before we return it to the local storage.

ANSWER: The Box container equipment can be detached and parked in your residential driveway, public parking area or on the grounds of your commercial apartment building with the approval of management. This strategy works well for  those seeking to perform the loading or unloading of the container without moving labor help.

in cases where we can not secure adequate parking for the container, you will be provided a 2 hour window to load or unload the unit while it remains attached to our transport vehicle.

ANSWER: When movers arrive to your location, you are expected to have everything packed and ready in an order of importance. As such, the most important items will be loaded inside the container first. We do not expect to load and unload the same container repeatedly to exchange items after loading.

If there is a need for an additional container, then an order must be booked immediately and we will arrange servicing such as our schedule permits.

ANSWER: You will only be charged for those containers that we actually deliver. Any additional containers should be canceled through your local rental provider.

ANSWER: While there may be circumstances where your things may be located in separate locations, we are only can only service one location per container delivery. If your situation requires additional pickup locations, it may be best to consolidate your items to one location prior to  your move date.


ANSWER: The Ubox service does not include hauling or disposing of excess items to curbs, removing items from the home, dropping off items to other locations, etc. The Ubox Delivery & Load/ Unload Service is exclusively for either loading or unloading the Ubox container and returning it back to the storage facility. 

In situations where you do not wish to book another Ubox, we will not responsible for the disposal, hauling, storage of any remaining household items. If those items are donated, sold or given to a someone, it would be that persons responsibility to move those items.