Need a certificate of insurance for your move? J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC offers moving labor help solutions while giving you the ultimate convenience of a full-service moving company, As such, we have added an optional certificate of insurance request service in an effort help minimize the recent demand for unique COI requirements of some commercial buildings..


No. All buildings do not require a certificate of insurance (COI) especially when you are performing a self-move

Yes. You will need personal information from your building such as the certificate holders name and address, the names of additional insured or insureds. These could be easily obtained by asking building officials for a sample certificate or requirement form.

If you are moving into 2 different locations that require a COI, you must file a  certificate at each building requiring such. A certificate is distinct and personal for each separate building.

If you are planning on moving, it’s always a good idea to ask your building officials whether or not your building requires a COI for your move. Every building have their own policies and rules regarding the filing of a COI. 

If you are moving within the same building structure, you will only need to file for a single certificate of insurance.(COI).