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While performing a self-help move can be an overwhelming process, a moving labor professional could help you avoid the pitfalls associated with moving altogether. Whether you are renting a moving truck, trailer, or portable storage container, J Sutton and Co Moving Services provides safe, reliable, and trusted movers to help with yourlocal move.




moving labor help made simple

Renting a moving truck or trailer? Save money and time, by hiring labor only movers to do the heavy lifting.

  • Highly reviewed, professional and reliable local moving labor help.
  • Booking local movers to help you move, is fast and easy.
  • Scheduling local help flexible and convenient.
J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC

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We have experienced, trusted and reliable local labor only movers prominently located in multiple metropolitan cities.

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As labor-only movers or moving labor providers, we have provided included a brief list of our frequently asked questions of moving labor companies.

ANSWER: We have a 2-hour minimum booking for labor-only moving services.

ANSWER: We are a labor-only moving service. As such, we do not provide moving trucks. You will be required to supply or rent a moving truck from your local rental truck vendor.

ANSWER: If you can not find answers to your questions about our moving services in our most frequently asked questions page, you could contact us at (855) SLF- MOVE or (855) 753-6683

ANSWER: No, we do not provide flat-rate services. We provide hourly labor-only moving services.

ANSWER: Bookings for movers are best made at least 4-weeks in advance, however, you can make bookings on the same day and up to thirteen days in advance. (depending on availability)

ANSWER: We do not move pianos or large safes. Pianos and large safes are specialty items that will require specialty movers or their care.

ANSWER: J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC is not a traditional full-service moving company. As a budget mover or moving labor company, aspects of such insurance can be costly and difficult to find for most moving labor companies. 

However, due to the increasing demand for a COI mover, we do offer a certificate of insurance as an optional fee-based complementary service.

A COI is unique to a single building. As such you will need to provide a sample certificate or requirement sheet outlining your building’s personal requirements. Such requirements could be anywhere from $1 million to $10 million for a single building. Those that wish to obtain a certificate of insurance must complete and submit a COI request. online

ANSWER:  Yes, we can provide a COI. A COI is personal and unique to your building only. You will be required to provide a sample certificate or requirement form listing your building’s personal information. Since this is a labor-only moving service there will be a fee depending on how fast you need the COI. If you would like a certificate of insurance, you can submit a COI request.