These are typically questions that would be asked of most moving services before you move.


ANSWER: Currently, we accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. We Do Not accept Checks.

ANSWER: Yes. We do book moving Services directly. However, there is a 25% deposit requirement for all direct bookings for moving labor help services book through J Sutton and Co. Moving Services LLC. The balance will be due on arrival.

ANSWER: No. We do not participate in any government, nonprofit or any other financial moving assistance programs at the moment. Such moving programs are often applicable with full-service moving companies. 

ANSWER: No! We DO NOT provide home on-site/ off-site binding estimates of any kind. As a moving labor company, our company solutions are based upon hourly usage estimates based on your needs for loading, unloading, packing, help.

Moving labor help services are prebooked for the amount of hours you need for choice of either loading, unloading, packing or unpacking help services.


ANSWER: No, We DO NOT provide moving trucks. 

ANSWER: We DO NOT move specialty items such as pianos, safes/ vaults, hot tubs, pool tables, antiques, motorcycles, arcade games, etc. You should contact a reliable and reputable specialty mover for such items.

ANSWER: We DO NOT provide hand trucks, dollies and moving blankets or pads for protecting furniture. Such items are available for rent or purchase by most local rental truck providers or stores.

ANSWER: We DO NOT provide moving supplies such as boxes, packaging tape, etc for your move. Such items are available for purchase online or via local stores.

ANSWER: We DO NOT pickup and/or drive your rental vehicle as an inclusive to our moving labor services.