Box Container Delivery

Portable Container Deliveries

J Sutton and Co Moving Services to Box Container delivery your portable moving/ storage container. Our delivery-only services do not provide loading or unloading of your container. For help loading or unloading your container please refer to our portable box container delivery & load / unload services


Find out how Ubox delivery-only services work for you.

customer booking moving services

STEP 1: You Schedule Delivery

You schedule delivery options by arranging a date with your U-Haul vendor.  


STEP 2: We Pick and Deliver 

Our driver will pick up and deliver the unit to your residence for load/ unload

STEP 3: You load/ unload

You and your friends will perform loading or unloading and secure the container with a lock for pickup.

STEP 4: We Pickup and Return

Our driver will pick up and return your container back to the facility for storage or shipping.

what you can expect Box Container delivery service

  • Driver to safely pickup, deliver your container to your home. 
  • Provided efficient space exists Ubox will be conveniently situated in a safe place.
  • Provided no place to leave the container, you will have 2-hours to load/ unload container.
  • This option does not include moving equipment.
  • Delivery only service does not include load or unload help.
About J Sutton and Co Moving Services


  • Have a new or existing Uhaul Ubox container.
  • Schedule a pick up date and time for container with the facility.
  • Have some packaging tape available for securing moving blankets.
  • Coordinate logistics giving an ideal location for parking.
  • If you are not anticipating purchasing another container, prioritize by importance. 
  • Have your own locks readily available to secure your container before we return it.

Box Container Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

We have added some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand the Box Container delivery Service process.

Our driver will drive to the authorized local Box Container facility provided to you by your Box Container vendor. Upon reaching the location we will wait in the customer sales process line to complete the necessary paperwork to secure your container.

Once completed, we will go out to another area of the facility where your container is being held, provide paperwork and the representative will connect the special UB trailer to our vehicle.

Afterward, the Box Container will be driven to your residence for delivery. Please be advised that we must avoid driving on state parkways and some bridges as our vehicle becomes commercial. New York City’s Harlem Drive, FDR, and Henry Hudson Pkwy are all roads we must avoid, so we will be subject to any excessive traffic congestion.

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The Company that you purchased or rented your moving Box container from suppose to accommodate your moving Box Container with at least a dozen mover’s furniture pads to protect your belongings.

Yes. We will return your Box container to the storage that we picked it up from.


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what others are saying

Worked very hard on an extremely hot day.

July 2, 2022

The movers were very professional and friendly. They showed up right on time, and worked very hard on an extremely hot day. I thoroughly recommend them.

Elizabeth A.

John and Rich of J Sutton Movers were fantastic.

July 1, 2022

John and Rich of J Sutton Movers were fantastic. John was in touch throughout the process, and always took my calls in the days prior to help navigate the U-Box system. Great job!

Josh M.