Looking to become a contributor? J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC is currently accepting contributors for guest pitches to consider for publishing in our online moving blog. Topics considered for publishing should be of utmost interest to our readers. These article topics could range from moving how-tos to the best neighborhoods of a particular city.

Knowledge About Our Audience

Our target audiences are those do-it-yourself individuals and families that are seeking to move to new local or long-distance locations. As such, they may often seek knowledge of those new locations, renting moving trucks, packing, and moving tips that would help make their household move experience easier.  

Why Become A Contributor For Us 

There are a number of benefits to being a guest contributor on our moving blog.

  • Builds your brand awareness.
  • Establish an identity and credibility as an expert writer in a specific niche or Industry.
  • By getting published you build your portfolio and a knowledge base becoming a trusted resource in a niche or industry. 
  • Build a network of online links to your social media or your business website.
Become a Contributor

What We Look For In A Contributor

  • Headlines/ subheads must be limited to 60-character counts as recommended by most SEO professionals.
  • We focus on long-form Articles that should be at least 900 to 1250 words in length.
  • Articles must show knowledge of the specific industry or niche.
  • We look for articles that will educate, our readers.
  • Article content must not promote another company or be sponsored in any way.
  • We only accept and publish original content only must not have been posted any other place.

We have Listed A Few Popular Topics

  • Tips for Packing
  • Tips for Moving
  • [#] Cost-Effective Ways
  • Moving Tips For College Students
  • Tips for Moving
  • [#] Biggest Mistakes To Avoid
  • Moving Tips
  • Packing and Moving Hacks
  • How To Prepare
  • How To 
  • Safest Neighborhoods in 
  • Packing Your Kitchen

How We Will Promote Guest Contributed Articles.

Contributed articles will be published, may be used as follows:

  • Any content may be subject to editing to maximize its SEO performance.
  • We further reserve the right to change Headlines and/ or subheads as deemed appropriate. 
  • Use short paragraphs, up to 4 four sentences.
  • Suitable images may be added at our discretion.
  • Links may be added 
  • Promotion methods will include posting articles on our online moving blog,
  • Images may be added at our discretion
  • distributed through our social media accounts
  • issued through our newsletters.
  • Select articles may be posted across our homepages, in company newsletters, and through social media feeds.