Tips for Getting Organized During a Move

Staying organized is quite a task. This is especially true during a hectic time in your life where you cannot tell up from down. Coordinating an interstate move can certainly make you feel this way. It’s challenging to know what you should be doing, when you should be doing it, and if you’re doing it correctly. You must focus on getting organized during a move to make the process as easy as possible. However, no matter how organized you are, the last few hours of the relocation can be hectic. You have come to the right place if you’re wondering where to begin.

Write notes for yourself

What better way to stay organized during the relocation process than writing important information down? Notes you can refer back to can give you peace of mind. Knowing all the information you have gathered so far is in one place will be highly beneficial for your sanity.

You can write these notes in a planner, binder, notebook, notepad, or any digital form. The medium you use for this task is not important. However, the contents very much are. Make sure to write notes about the different rooms you will have to pack, decisions you have to make, or that you made. Be sure to organize these notes as best as possible. A great tip is to start from plans, goals, decisions and then write about each and every room you have to pack. Note down all the items in these rooms that have to be moved. Additionally, make a box index and write down things you’ll store in each box. This way, you will know where everything is, and unpacking will be a breeze.

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Consider getting professional help

If this is your first move, things can get quite overwhelming. But do not worry. Most people have been in your shoes before. In these sorts of cases, you can alleviate stress by hiring some professional help. If you’re, for example, moving from New York, there are many long-distance moving companies you can choose from. Be sure to explore your options thoroughly. Reliable long-distance moving companies can help by giving you a hand in all sorts of tasks you will have to achieve before, during, and after the big move. Do not refrain from getting help if you feel you need it.

Declutter as much as possible

Decluttering can and will help you when getting organized during a move. Once you have fewer items to think about, pack or put away, you will feel a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. Take the time before the move to categorize your items. The categories you choose can depend on your needs. The ones we recommend are items that should be:

  • Thrown away
  • Donated
  • Gifted
  • Sold

Once you realize which items you wish to take with you, everything will be easier. You can organize your notes and plan what you should pack and where. The process of decluttering can be quite tasking. However, with proper preparation and mindset, it is very much doable. If you can, enlist the help of your family or friends during this part.

A woman packing a suitcase

Start packing as early as possible

Now that you have made a plan, decluttered, gotten help, and planned the transportation, you are ready to start the process of packing. You should start this as soon as possible. By doing this, you will avoid the stress and time crunch. With the help of your trusty notes, you can figure out how many boxes you need. However, be sure to have more boxes than that. Start packing items such as holiday decorations or kitchen items you do not reach for often. Of course, make sure to pack these items in appropriate boxes.


As time progresses, start packing more and more until the last days before your big move. While packing, think which items you will want to have on hand right after you move in. You should place them in a separate box from everything else so you may access them easily. Be careful how you pack delicate items. Opt for bubble wrap or any type of cloth such as clothes or kitchen towels to lessen the chances of breaking. Depending on if you hired professional packers or you’re packing yourself, label everything! Label all the boxes and furniture depending on their box index and what room you’ll place them in. Once you move in, all the items will be in the right places. This will make unpacking as easy as it can be!

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Do the best you can

The most important advice for getting organized during a move is to know you’re only human. Mistakes happen, and you cannot be ready and organized for everything a challenging relocation throws your way. You can try and plan a stress-free DIY move. However, there will be some things you cannot expect, from expenses to decisions – be ready to not be ready. If you have decided that professional help is what you need, this will lower the chances of things going south. And finally, remember – we can lessen the stress by organizing, but not completely eliminate it.