Whether you are moving your entire household or rearranging your furniture, J Sutton & Co. Moving Services LLC has the right movers and labor solutions available to help you fulfill your household moving-related task. Although we do not provide moving trucks, we have professional movers available to handle your moving-related needs. We specialize in movers and moving solutions such as packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, rental truck driving and cleaning help.

Why would I rent a truck?
While renting a moving truck could seem quite intimidating to some, there are many benefits to renting your own truck. It is clear that you would save substantially more money by renting a moving truck from a rental truck vendor such as U-haul, Penske, Budget, etc. In addition, most truck rental companies offer different size trucks and offer a variety of necessities such as as moving blankets, packaging tape, dollies, etc, to handle your personal belongings. Our driving help services could help relieve your fears of driving a large rental truck.

How could we help you?
As a self-help moving company, we do not provide trucks for your household move. Instead, our services are designed so that you could determine the type and the amount of moving labor assistance needed. This gives you would a peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are being professionally handled by a company with a proven track record of performing more than 3,400 household moves.

Unlike traditional moving companies, our services allow you to remain in control of your household move from the beginning to the end. By maintaining control, you are able to determine the amount of our involvement and manage the costs of your move effectively. In addition, our services would allow you to take as much time necessary to pack your things. As such, you could use our moving solutions to handle specific labor tasks that traditional movers may not perform. For instance, you could use our service providers for loading and/or unloading your rental truck, POD, mobile storage, etc. Alternatively, you may desire labor help with your packing and/ or unpacking.

In that, if you are only interested in obtaining assistance with your heavy household furniture items, you could arrange for our associates to strategically handle your do-it-yourself services such as packing, loading, unloading, unpacking.

Our diverse moving solutions are not only limited to the packing, loading,unloading and unpacking of your household goods.We also coordinate and arrange the on-site assembly of your furniture items using our experienced furniture assembly providers.

With our labor services, you remain in complete control of each aspect of your household move whether it may be packing, loading, unloading, etc. Our moving associates are trained and experienced at handling your household move. They understand the importance of safely preparing an item for transport, so that your personal belongings are safe when you reach your new destination. Unlike most moving companies, we have moving labor solutions for individuals and families that meets todays needs, budgets and lifestyles.

You could have Moving Associates relocate these items for you as you handle the smaller items, thereby reducing the risk of injury and the cost of your move.

Economical Move
Since most moving companies charge a premium fee for using their truck, supplies and equipment moving could be quite costly in the end. By renting your own moving truck, equipment, etc, that put’s you in control of the total costs of your household move.


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