U-Box Delivery Only

Need a reliable U-Box Delivery Only solution? Let the team at J Sutton and Co. Moving Services help with your U-Box Delivery Only services. We have good reliable drivers that have experience in handling U-Box containers on the road. Our skilled and professional drivers could get your U-Haul mobile container situated closely to your residence so that you could safely and conveniently load or unload..

Whether you need your U-Box delivery Only services or Delivery w/ load or unload services, the Pros at J Sutton and Co. could provide you with a seamless delivery. With more than a decade in the moving business our inside experts could perform a seamless pickup and return of your U-Box to your local vendor to be stored or shipped.

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Who uses U-Box Delivery Only Services?

This solution is popular among those that prefer the convenience of delivery to their home. Someone that rather move things on their own schedule. An alternative delivery option for people located beyond the U-haul delivery truck delivery zones. Those consumers that lack a vehicle capable of towing a U-box trailer. A viable solution for the budget minded customer who seeks to save more money..

U-Box Delivery Only Services includes:
• Drivers will deliver your U-haul U-Box to your home parking it in a designated location of your choice;
• Depending on location and space availability, we could park attached U-box for 2 hours loading or unloading time.
• You have discretion of whether you want us to leave the U-box and return for pickup;
• Your U-Haul U-Box comes with a dozen (12) moving blankets.
• Your U-Haul U-Box will be returned to your local vendor for shipping or storage.

Does not include
• Furniture wrapping or packing services
• Disassembly or reassembly.
• Hand trucks or Dollies;

What Others Are Saying About Us……

Outstanding and I highly recommend them!

5.0 rating
October 21, 2019

J Sutton went above and beyond and completely professional. I was short one uBox and J Sutton helped me add another UBox to the UHaul order and picked up the 3rd U-Box from a different Location. J Sutton & Co. are outstanding and I highly recommend them. I will book with J Sutton again in the future

Mobile M.

The movers were very professional and helpful.

5.0 rating
August 30, 2019

Great to work with, even called to let me know that Uhaul had booked my ubox incorrectly and called me with enough time to rectify. The movers were very professional and helpful.

Julia C.