Moving providers and employees at J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC must arrive and be prepared to work, on time and on every scheduled job. Regular attendance and punctuality are important to keep your team and J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC operating. Arriving late, being tardy, or absence causes disruptions. You are responsible for planning ahead 



Based upon the nature of the services that we provide, job cancellations are rare. Moving providers and employees are expected to report to scheduled jobs including days of inclemental weather and plan ahead to account for any anticipate difficulties.

The following listed below are some examples of what we do not consider an reasons for being late:

    • You woke up late, or your child woke up late.
    • Stopping somewhere while on the way to work for personal reasons, like grabbing a cup of coffee.
    • Traffic or public transportation delays, this excludes situations that resulted in closing of roads.
    • Bad weather, this excludes extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and floods..

Failure to comply with this tardiness policy may result in termination, moving providers may report tardiness violations anonymously through contacting our support team. You will not be penalized for reporting inappropriate behavior.