This webpage lists fees collected for processing and filing of certificates of insurance. Note that fees for a certificate of insurance is not mandatory in such cases where your building does not require such.You understand that you are performing a self-help or do-it-yourself move. Your order moving labor is for labor only and does not include the filing and submission of any special documents, forms, etc. As such, any request for a certificate of insurance is a special request.

Your payment and submission confirms that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions, as followings:

Payment. Costs assessed to the parties for a certificate of insurance processing and filing are for special services requested by parties. Certificate of insurance filing and processing fees are non-refundable upon approval of your authorization of your move by building officials.The fee amount is based on costs of insurance and the urgency of the need for the filing of a certificate.

Locations: You understand that a certificate of insurance for a single building of location. You further agree that moving into multiple locations may require additional separate certificates of insurance for each of the premises.

Cancellations and Refunds. You acknowledge and agree that a cancellation of your move shall not be deemed toas a reason for a refund any fees paid for a certificate of insurance. You further acknowledge that any fees for a certificate of insurance shall have been earned upon the approval of certificates. Your move may be cancelled by an act of nature, as such your certificate may be amended to reflect the new change in date for your  household move.

Refunds: Upon approval of the certificate of insurance application by your building, there shall be no right to a refund for services rendered. You hereby understand that a certificate has been filed and your move has been authorized. All fees set forth shall be deemed to have been earned,