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Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving Tips and Advice

Performing a household move is a very time consuming and stressful process for even the most advanced do-it-yourselfer. We have shared some helpful moving tips and advice on how you could adequately prepare for your move.

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Remove Light Bulbs and Lamp Shades

You should remove all light bulbs and place them in a safe place to prevent the bulbs from getting broken during transport. You should also remove your lamp shade and put it in a box to keep it from being crushed by other items inside the moving truck.

Close-up Of Woman Fixing Lamp On Nightstand

Dismantle Large Furniture Items

Large furniture items should be dismantled so they could easily fit through your doorway without causing damage. When dismantling your furniture, we also recommend that you remove all the screws and place them in a sandwich bag and tape the bagged screws onto the item safely.

Assembling furniture from chipboard, using a cordless screwdriver, close up.

Invest Padded Moving Pads or Blankets

Make sure that you rent or buy quality moving blankets when relocating furniture and other delicate belongings. If you plan your move well in  advance of the actual day of moving, it may be a good idea to purchase quality moving blankets or pads online.