Learn Our History

Headquartered in Bronx, New York, J Sutton & Co. Moving Services, LLC was founded in 2003 under the notion that consumers wanted a better way to move and the demand for higher quality service was growing. Our founder, Johnell Sutton saw a need for a change, a way to provide premium movers and moving services at prices people could afford and still give them the absolute best customer service.

When you are relocating in the tristate area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, there’s only one call to make, since opening our doors more than a decade ago, we have served over 6,300 people who wanted to do it on their own but still needed the professional expertise that we could provide them. J Sutton & Co. Moving Services, LLC is a premier self-service moving labor provider focused on making your next move seamless and successful. 

By visiting us today, you have shown a need for the tristate area’s most reputable moving help services company’s; one that you can rely on to provide a solution for your next move that will work for you in the real world.

Movers and Moving Solutions that Work For You!

We offer the most comprehensive array of moving services in the industry and our customers count on us to solve all of their household moving needs.Our range of moving related services includes packing and unpacking, move -in/ out cleaning help, loading and unloading as well as rental truck driving to ensure that your move is safe, easy and hassle free. Our experienced team of professionals has the knowledge it takes to help you and your family relocate with ease.