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Moving families across the globe move for a reason: A worker seeking employment somewhere else to jump start his career or for greener pastures finds it necessary to have a long distance move or perhaps an international move; A growing family may want to move to a bigger house just down the road to accommodate the demand for more space; Students will find it necessary to temporarily move out of the house and find an apartment in close proximity to their school to save on transportation costs; Senior citizens experiencing “empty nest” syndrome will find a suitable home for them somewhere else. Unfortunately, moving breaks the wallet and no matter how hard we try to grab the best bargain in the market, it will always cost us something.

A reliable moving company is heaven-sent to moving families-that is, if you have the money to hire them. For some of us who lack funds, we do the next best thing, a DIY move. DIY is Do-It-Yourself moving and it doesn’t cost as much as full-service moving from professional movers but of course, this type of moving entails hard work and effort exerted on your part. At times, DIY moves can be traumatic for families.

For Do-It-Yourself moving, you should prepare ahead. Moving preparations include packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, moving vehicle and driving.

1. Packing. You should use the right moving materials to support your belongings during the move such as moving boxes or crates, bubble wraps, packaging tapes etc. Buy your packing supplies from local moving companies. You can also use substitutes, just be sure they can deliver the same effect.

2. Loading. Enlist your friends and families for help. This can be very tedious and tiring job but if you all work together then you can accomplish this task in no time.

3. Moving vehicle. Some moving companies offer self-move where you can rent their trucks with driver and they drive your belongings to your destination. However, if you prefer doing it on your own without any third party help, consider using a moving vehicle that can carry your things all at once to save on gas.

Best moves are those planned well, whether you opt for full-service moving or self-move. The ability to anticipate things will prevent you from making mistakes. DIY moves can certainly save you money; just plan well to make it as smooth as it can be.

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