Moving Process

Have questions about your moving process? Find answers related to your moving process by searching through our most frequently asked questions about the moving process.

Could I Leave Items In My Dresser Drawers?

You could only leave lighter garments inside your dresser drawers. Please remove all heavy clothing from your furniture cabinets and drawers. Leaving heavy items in your dresser drawers could cause damage to already unstable furniture items

Do Movers Disconnect/ Reconnect My Appliances?

No. We do not disconnect appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, etc, these items must be already disconnected.

Will J SUTTON AND CO MOVING provide interior protection for the interior protection of my home/ apartment during the loading and/ or unloading process?

No, we do not provide interior protection for floors, walls, doors, stairs, railings, etc. of your building, home or apartment during your load/ or unload.

Will Movers Install/ Remove My Television and Brackets from My Wall?

No. We do not install or remove television brackets from apartment building walls.

Will Movers from J SUTTON AND CO MOVING Drive My Rental Truck?

No, We will not drive your rental truck for you?

Does J SUTTON AND CO MOVING Provide The Moving Truck?

No, we DO NOT provide the moving trucks for your household move. We only provide moving labor help services.


Gratuities are traditionally encouraged for moving labor help providers. Tips are never requested, but are highly appreciated by our moving crews.

How Much Should I Tip Movers?

Gratuities for movers range from $20-$100 per moving service provider. Tips are never requested, but are highly appreciated by our moving crews.

Does Your J SUTTON AND CO MOVING Provide Same/ Next Day Moving Services?

Yes, we do provide same and next day moving labor help services. Due to the urgency of same day  moving request, there will be a surcharge in price.