Frequently Asked Questions


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General questions

What is Moving Labor Help?

Moving labor help is where you get help with you household move. These movers offer professional help with packing, wrapping, loading or unloading your rental moving truck or portable moving container. 

How Do I cancel my move and get my refund from third party sites?

When booking through a third party such as Uhaul/®, etc, that company is responsible for refunding your monies unless you booked through us directly.

J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC, never actually received any money directly from you to refund. We are only performing the actual move, so we in effect, stop our team from dispatching movers to your worksite.

Does your company do deliveries or full-service moves?

We do not provide trucks or do full-service moving.

Do you provide in-home estimates?

No, we do not come to homes to give estimates. 

Does your Movers move during bad weather?

Yes, Our Moving labor helpers do provide moving services during weathers such as rain, snow, etc., however it is your responsibility to ensure that pathways are cleared of snow, high waters, etc., prior to their arrival.

If walkways are not cleared for adequate pathway access upon movers arrival, you will be responsible for any wait time associated with the obstacles removal or our movers costs for removing themselves.. 

Why should I use a movers without a truck?

Generally, renting a truck or portable storage container and hiring moving labor help to load or unload your truck is a more affordable moving solution than hiring a full service moving company. hiring moving labor help often saves you time and money! You rent the truck, while the movers handle the rest!

Can I cancel my moving labor help order with third party sites?

Canceling your move must be done via the party that you placed the order with. However, you may be subject to fees in accordance with that company’s cancellation policies.

J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC direct customers will be subject to a 25% non-refundable booking deposit fee.This fee is for holding a booking date for your move, that could otherwise be booked by other people seeking to move.

Do you provide services on Holidays?

Yes. We Do provide moving services on holidays.

How far advance do I need to be before booking movers?

While we recommend that you try to book movers in advance of at least 2 weeks of your actual moving date.We will accept short-notice bookings for movers as our availability permits.

Does your company do home estimates?

No. As a self-help/ diy moving labor help company, we do not perform in-home estimates for customers. 

About our Moving-related Services

Can your company provide a Certificate of Insurance to my building?

We can provide a certificate of Insurance to satisfy your Buildings request for a certificate of liability. As such, this is a exceptional service and since each request is unique, you will need to provide a sample certificate or requirement form from your building officials. A certificate of Insurance request should be made by filling out a request form for a COI.

What does my Movers bring with them to my move?

In accordance with our Uhaul/ Movinghelp® affiliates, we Do Not bring moving supplies and equipment to jobs booked through them. Since these items are sold and rented by them, it would be a conflict of interests.

We do however supply rental equipment and supplies to our direct J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC customers as supplies are available.

Can I book additional time on the day of my move?

Since movers have their schedules, It is not always possible to add more time during the day of your move. We ask that you plan and book accordingly so  that we have some realistic idea of your moving needs.

Does your company perform Ubox container delivery services?

Yes. We do provide Ubox Delivery help services. We have the of the following options:

1.) U-Box Delivery & load/ Unload where we would pick up, load or unload and return your container back to your local Uhaul® center.

2.) U-Box Delivery Only We pickup, delivery your Ubox container for your own loading or unloading.When you are finished loading or unloading, we will pick up the container and return to your local U-haul® center.

3.) U-Box load/ Unload Uhaul or you may deliver your Ubox and our team  or movers would arrive to load or unload your container for you.

Do you move Pianos, large safes, etc?

We Do Not move specialty items such as pianos, large safes, etc. 

Do packing supplies (tape, moving boxes, blankets, etc) come with your packing help solutions?

No, we DO NOT provide packing supplies to accommodate our packing services. We do however provide a 10% discount on moving supplies purchase through Uhaul®.

Are your movers insured?

We provide basic insurance coverage of .60 per lb, per item for approved damage claims. This coverage is available for items that have been damage during the loading or unloading process. However, this coverage does not extend to damaged caused during the transit process. 

We advise you check with your renter’s or homeowners insurance policy for potential additional coverage. Alternatively, you may be able to purchase additional valuation insurance for your move via a third party/ online source.


Can Movers clean my home for the extra time?

No. Mover labor helpers are only at your residence to perform the moving-related services upon which they were requested. We Do Not trade services. Any additional requests would be considered as additional services. 

payments, cancellations and refunds

How do I change my Moving Labor Help order?

Changing an order could be required for many reasons such as the wrong services, hours needed, etc, were booked. We have included the following solutions to help you.

  1. For customers that booked via a third party site such as Uhaul®, Movinghelp®, etc, the best way to change your order is to go to their website log-in account and modify your order through them. You could also contact that company by phone.
  2. If you placed your order directly with us, you could email us in a reply to your google invitation booking confirmation and we will update your invoice and booking.

What Payment Forms Do You Accept?

Generally, we accept major credit or debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Other forms of payment include Square, Cashapp and Cash payments. 

We DO NOT accept personal checks. Payments from government assisted moves are also not accepted. 

How much do I Tip Movers?

Gratuities are never mandatory but very appreciated especially in the moving business. Tips commonly range from $20-$100, per moving labor helper.

moving questions - FAQs

Could I Leave Clothes in my Dresser Drawers?

You could only leave lighter garments inside your dresser drawers. Please remove all heavy clothing from your furniture cabinets and drawers. Leaving heavy items in your dresser drawers could cause damage to already unstable furniture items. 

Do Your Movers disconnect appliances?

No. We do not disconnect appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, etc, these items must be already disconnected.

Do the movers remove or install televisions to the wall?

No. We do not install or remove television brackets from apartment building walls.