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Who uses Moving Labor Services?
There are a wide range of customers that require the use our moving help labor services. In that, we have particularly found that students, professionals and young professionals have found our services to be very convenient and affordable. In addition, we have serviced a variety of small and large businesses that found our labor services to be adequate for their temporary labor needs.
How many hours of service do I need for my household move?
Typically, it would take 2 men about 2 hours to load a 10-ft U-haul truck. However, this load time could be severely compromised if there is a substantial distance of walking performed from the apt-to-elevator, elevator-to-exit/ entrance and the exit/ entrance to the moving vehicle. These aforementioned factors are always a primary determinate when assessing the approximate time it takes to perform a household move. In addition, if your household goods are not properly boxed and your furniture items have not been disassembled, the duration of your move may take longer
Why is there a 2 hour minimum for Moving labor services?
A two-hour minimum is standard for most companies that offer moving labor services. In that, it would normally take approximately 2 hours for any service provider to perform even the smallest household move.
Furthermore, it would not be cost effective or reasonable for a company to dispatch a moving associate to your location to perform a household move for less than 2 hours.
When does my prepaid time start?
The prepaid scheduled time for your moving labor services starts when moving associates arrive as scheduled to your location. If moving associates are tardy for any reason the prepaid scheduled time will not begin until they arrive to the worksite.
How do I order services from J Sutton & Co. Moving Services, LLC?
Prospective clients seeking to use our services could contact Movinghelp.com and request services from J Sutton & Co. Moving Services, LLC (866) 748-4110. In the near future, we will be taking reservations for moving labor services through our website also.
Do you carry the Certificate of Insurance required to perform a household move in my building
Some apartment buildings, co-ops and condominiums require all service providers movers, handyman, construction workers, etc., to provide proof of insurance. In most cases, a 2 million general liability coverage is the commonly requested amount by most commercial properties. This is done by way of a special form called a “Certificate of Insurance” (COI) that must filed by insurance agents prior to any move or service being performed on their premises. Since our services are hired for labor only, there is an administrative fee of $70 per facility required.

In that, it is your responsibility to obtain the required information or sample certificate needed for insurance agents to adequately complete a COI (certificate of insurance) meeting your buildings requirement, so that they could file it with your building management.

We ask that you immediately furnish the following information:
• Date/ time of Move:
• Tenant name:
• Apt #:
• Address:
• Name of Building:
• Certificate holder name /address:
• Any additional insured:
• Fax/ Email:

Why do I have to pay a Travel fee?
A travel fee is a flat fee imposed to cover the costs of getting our moving crew to your job site area and back to base, we are unable to absorb the additional costs of fuel, tolls, parking, etc.
Why do I have to pay a Travel fee?
This fee does not include the costs of traveling to an additional location following the arrival of the moving crew to your initial location. In that, you may be required to pay some additional travel fees if you are moving to a secondary location or making multiple stops. Alternatively, you will be responsible for getting the moving crew back to the first location immediately following the move.
What is a Payment Code?
A payment code is a six–digit number that is issued by a third party vendor (Movinghelp.com) as an alternative form of payment when you make a reservation for household moving-related services from our company. The payment code is assurance that the moving crew would show up and perform the prepaid task satisfactorily.

Under our agreement, you are expected to have the Payment Code coupon information readily available to surrender to the moving crew following the expiration of your time.

The moving crew is NOT obligated to work beyond the period of time you initially ordered or arranged. Please be sure to discuss the possibility of your household move exceeding your preordered time with our move coordinator.

Could I reserve a date for my move without initiating a payment?
No. We DO NOT reserve any moving dates or send Certificates of Insurance to property managers before a prospective client has placed an actual order for our services using a valid credit card.

10. What form of payment does your company accept?
We accept payments made by Master Card, Visa American Express, credit cards and cash payments. We DO NOT accept checks, money orders, etc.

How do I know my payments are secure?
Your trust and online security is very important to us. When you initiate payment your credit card will be processed by a secured website such as paypal, movinghelp.com.
Does your company accept payments on final balances due?
No. We DO NOT provide “credit for services” performed. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice and/ or completion of work. No exceptions!
Does your company supply moving supplies?
We DO NOT supply moving-related supplies to customers that reserve their move through Movinghelp or U-haul. However, we do sell a limited number of supplies to our personal clients.
Why is there a minimum service charge of 2 hours?
We understand that a carefully performed moving job would take approximately 2 hours to complete. It is not economically feasible for our company to deploy our moving crews to job sites for orders smaller then 2 hours.
What if I could NOT pay my moving workers for extra hour’s performed?
Our moving associates are NOT required to assist you beyond the prepaid period of time you initially purchased. At anytime, you are welcome to prevent any overages in time by expressing your desire to remain within your prepaid time line.
Should I tip my moving crew?
Although monetary tips are not mandatory in this business, moving typically is a stressful job and clients customarily tip movers as an appreciation for a job well done.
How much should I tip the moving crew?
Customers typically give our moving crews monetary tips that range from $11-$20 per mover, per hour depending on each particular job.
Does your company move pianos?
Moving a piano could sometimes be a very complicated process. In most cases, some pianos may require a special tool called a “piano skid” that would assist in handling your piano and prevent damage. In that, we strongly encourage customers to contact their local piano moving specialists in order to relocate their piano. We DO NOT move pianos.
Does your company charge extra for stairs?
No. We do not charge any additional fees for performing your household move in a residence with multiple flights of stairs
What do I do if I am having problems placing an order for moving help labor?
If you are having problems placing an order for moving labor services you could place your order via our third party vendor at movinghelp. Alternatively, you could contact us via phone or email.
What do I do if my moving associates DO NOT show up on time?
Your preordered time does NOT start until the moving crew arrives at your location. However, under rare circumstances in a situation where there are issues regarding a “No Show” contact your Move Coordinator immediately dispatch a replacement moving associate to your location.
Why do I have to supply further information about my household move?
Household moving could sometimes be a very intricate process. As experienced household movers, we are typically able to gauge and assess any potential problems with a particular move and produce an effective solution to make sure your moving transition is effectively and efficiently performed.

In order for this to be done, it is appropriate for our move coordinators to ask our clients certain information about your household goods and furniture items. In that, it is important to know whether a particular client may have any heavy, bulky and/ or fragile items being moved, so that we could assess which items may require special attention. We also would about the amount of stairs at the location(s) and if the residence has an elevator on premise. In addition, we would need to know the approximate distances of flat surface space we would encounter from your apartment to your elevator, elevator to building entrance, etc. This would further help us determine whether your move would require carts, dollies or hand trucks to be performed efficiently.

How could I tell if my reservation was completed?
During the reservation process you are asked to enter an valid email address. This email will be used to confirm your booking. In addition, you will receive a phone call within 48-hours of reserving our services.
How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need?
When accessing the number of moving blankets needed for your household move we often advise the strategy of simply counting items around the house that need to be covered. Since moving blankets and pads often vary in size, we suggest you use moving blankets that range in larger sizes such as 72″ X 80″ to 68” x 85”.used by some rental truck vendors. This would allow you  better coverage over your household furniture and other items.

As for counting your furniture and other items, you should count everything from bedroom dressers to headboards and living room sofas. We also advise you to count larger glass items that you do not have adequate protective covering for such as glass tables, mirrors, picture frames, etc. It is also advisable to apply multiple blanket counts for larger than normal items like 2-3 seater sofas, armoires, which are generally larger than normal.

Lastly, we suggest that you should add about 6 extra moving blankets as a margin of error so that you cover and protect everything. TIP: If you have very heavy furniture, we suggest that you invest in purchasing some premium moving pads.  This would help provide the ultimate cushioning required for the protection of much heavier items..

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