J Sutton and Co Moving Services LLC, also referred to as Company, has an established  dress code policy. While Company employees are not required to wear what is traditionally considered formal business attire, appropriate standards of professionalism must be followed.

All moving service providers are expected to maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times, dressing in a manner appropriate for the work being performed and consistent with safety rules and considerations. 

All Moving Service providers are expected to comply with the Company dress code policy, maintaining an appropriate image for the workplace any time they are operating at any of our work sites  or otherwise representing the Company.

Failure to adhere to this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action, fines and including termination.


  • Comfortable clothing and footwear

  • Company (J Sutton And Co Moving)  shirt bearing the company name

  • Closed-Toe Comfortable Shoes

  • Flexible and stretchy clothes

  • Clothes with pockets

  • Close-fitting, breathable clothes

  • Work gloves

  • Face-mask

  • Shoes with good traction,

  • Pants that are not faded and free from stains or tears
  • khaki or twill bottoms



  • Excessively baggy pants or other clothing items
  • Clothes that restrict movement in anyway
  • Apparel with holes, rips or tears

  • Beachwear, including swimwear, swimsuit cover-ups, or casual flip flops

  • Tops with spaghetti straps, halter tops or muscle shirts

  • Sweatbands or bandanas

  • High heels, Open-toe shoes, flip-flops or any other open toes shoes

  • Revealing clothing that exposes your back, chest, stomach, navel, underwear (front or back) or that reveals too much cleavage

  • Jewelry