Need to file a claim? Whether you have a complaint or damages that may have occurred during or after your move, we are terribly sorry. If you have reached this page, chances are you may have encountered some issues regarding your household move with us.

As with any company, we understand that there may be the likelihood of some unforeseen problems that may result in a complaint or damage report being filed. We look forward to investigating and resolving all claims once the proper documentation has been submitted.

Property Damage(s) to report 

From breaks to chips and scratches, moving requires a superior amount of knowledge and experience. No matter what degree of care is shown in any business, moving like many has its own pitfalls.

Although we try to be extra careful when it comes to handling the personal goods of others even the most careful professional movers and packers will run into the issues of damages no matter how small or big!

Missing Or Lost Items

Whether an item was misplaced or left, no matter what the scenario is sometimes things could get lost or left. As such, if you would like to get help  relocating the item(s) we take a proactive approach in helping you secure your lost or missing items.

To start the missing/ lost item(s) claim process, please fill out the proper forms so that we could properly start the claim procedure.

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missing/ lost items
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