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DIY Tips To Packing A Kitchen Before Moving

Breakable item after breakable item, the kitchen is one of the areas of a home that takes more brain power when trying to pack all the kitchenware and appliances. Take a breather, because it's not rocket science, but it does take some planning and proper packing supplies to get you ready to go. For an average size kitchen, you will need the following packing supplies: 5 Large boxes for lightweight items. Example: dish racks, baking tins, small appliances, plastic kitchenware10 Medium boxes for heavier items. Example: pots and pans, silverware, cookbooks, small appliances5 Dish boxes with cell kits for fragile, breakable items. Example: china, glasswareTissue paper is softer than newsprint, used for wrapping very delicate items; also provides cushioning and...

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Moving – Tips to DIY

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If you've decided try moving on your own, you can easily save yourself a chunk of money and have fun at the same time. This article outlines a few steps to make the process fly by. If you're planning a move, whether out of state or a few blocks away you can effectively save yourself a good deal of money by making the decision to go about it yourself. Truth be told, while moving may not be the ideal way to spend your free time, you can probably think of quite a few ways in which you would rather spend the money you can save by going about it without the aid of a professional company. In this article, we...

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DIY Moving Supplies

Moving can be both an adventure and a challenge, physically and emotionally. The entire process can be accomplished successfully by a competent team of do-it-yourselfers and some necessary supplies. Here's a list of tools and materials to help you and your belongings get to the next place: - Boxes: A supply of cardboard boxes and plastic crates will help move everything from Point A to Point B. These can be purchased at the local truck rental location or picked up free from the corner grocery store. Most grocers recycle their boxes right away but if you ask them to hold some for you, they are usually happy to comply. If a household is being moved locally, open plastic crates may...

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How To Efficiently Pack A Truck For DIY Moving

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Preparing Your Furniture For Loading Disassembling furniture such as beds and tables will make it easier to pack it neatly in the truck, saving you time and space. This will also make it lighter for carrying. Once this is done, you can tape together items such as bed frames to allow for easy handling and more stability during transport. Place any screws that you remove in a small plastic bag and tape to the piece of furniture that they were removed from. This will save you much hassle and time when reassembling. Tap your drawers shut properly so they do not slide out during carrying or transport. You can do this before loading into the truck if the item isn't...

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