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10 Cheap Tips For Packing For Your Move

When most people think of moving, they think of endless boxes and hours spent loading books, DVDs, and kitchen spices. Yes, packing is a he component of moving, and one of the most stressful steps. But you can minimize the stress and inconvenience by following these tips: 1. Make sure you have good, solid packing […]

5 Ways To Save Money by DIYing

The ballpark cost to move a household is about $1 per pound. Before you start thinking that that amount doesn’t sound too bad, keep in mind that the average 2-bedroom 1200-square-foot home includes almost 9000 pounds of furniture, personal items, and other household goods. If you’ve got an extra $10K lying around, you’re set. But […]

Save or Splurge How-To Manage Your Moving Budget

If you’re getting ready to move, you know that the costs of relocating can really add up. Between paying for professional movers and purchasing furniture and decor for your new home, you might be spending more on your move than you anticipated. As you prepare for your move, you should know that there are a […]