5 Things To Consider When Choosing Short Term Storage

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Many people decide to rent a storage unit when moving or renovating their home. It’s a safe and convenient way to store your belongings during hectic times in your home. Short-term storage is affordable, it provides you with extra space when you need it the most, and you don’t need to disturb friends and family to keep your belongings safe. For that reason, many storage facilities have appeared, and people are often confused about how to pick the best one. These are the most important 5 things to consider when choosing short-term storage, from safety to your storage needs.

Your storage needs

Reasons why people need storage are different, and storage needs depend on every individual case. Choosing short-term storage should depend on what you are planning to store. That way, you’ll be able to pick the right size of the unit and waste no money. To ensure you have enough space, it’s best to list the items you want to store. Make a list of your belongings with some rough measurements or item types. This information will help the storage center representative offer you the most suitable option to get the best deal.

When and how often you want to access your unit

Another factor to consider is the accessibility of the unit. You want to rent short-term storage that is convenient for you – to save both time and money. Before you pick a unit, make sure to check the working hours. Some facilities are available 24/7, while others have specific times when you can visit. This is quite important if you’re renovating and need some items from time to time or want to have your belongings at your disposal any time of the day (or night).


When it comes to convenience and accessibility, we can’t help but mention the location as one of the critical factors. The location of your storage unit will determine the cost and the dynamic of your renovation, move, etc. Depending on what you’re storing and how often you need the items, you might require a unit close to your home. Furthermore, location determines the pricing, as well. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you’ll have to be more flexible with location and choose a unit that is a bit further away or in a less popular area. For some people, location is not that important, as they store items they’ll need once every couple of months. If you’re one of them, you’ll be able to get a more affordable unit.


The safety a unit provides to your belongings is undoubtedly one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing short-term storage. This is generally an essential aspect, particularly if you’re storing more valuable or delicate items. However, don’t mix pricing with safety. Inexpensive units often don’t have adequate safety measures, but high prices also don’t guarantee quality and security. That’s why you should not forget to check the following features to make sure you’re leaving your belongings in a truly secure location:

  • Video surveillance – cameras are a great sign of safety as they provide proof if anything unexpected happens;
  • Security guard – a person looking after the unit gives an additional level of safety and prevents theft;
  • Locks – take a look at the locks and keys you get when choosing a short-term storage unit;
  • Gate/fence – storage facilities shouldn’t permit access anywhere near the doors of the unit. It’s an additional safety measure that will give you peace of mind;
  • Fire safety – apart from theft, the unit should protect your items from fire. Check if there are any smoke detectors or fire alarms.

Even though checking all of these seems unnecessary, it will ensure your items are secure and minimize the risk of unnecessary damage and costs.

Storing conditions

Depending on what kind of items you’re storing in the unit, you might need some special storage conditions. Firstly, climate-controlled units are necessary if you’re planning to store wooden items, electronics, and other delicate things. These units keep the temperatures and humidity levels steady at all times. This prevents damage to your belongings in case of severe temperature changes. 

Furthermore, talk to the storage unit representative about pest control. Check if they provide any protection against mice, rats, and insects. If they don’t, you need to do something to prevent them from damaging your possessions.

How to store your items and increase safety

These five factors will surely help with choosing short-term storage that provides the best conditions. However, there are things you need to do to make sure your items stay intact until the next time you need them. Be sure to:

  • Clean the items before storing them, and treat the ones with delicate surfaces well;
  • Use the right kind of boxes – certain items require cardboard boxes, while it’s best to store others in plastic bins. Be sure to learn how to use them properly so that you can pick suitable containers for your belongings;
  • Take apart items and wrap the parts separately. Label everything so you can find and organize the boxes much faster;
  • Make an inventory list – if there are more than just a couple of big items, an inventory list can be beneficial when you need to use the things again.

These tips are the best way to keep the items protected in your unit. After choosing short-term storage and packing everything like a pro, you can be sure the stress, as well as the costs, will be reduced to a minimum.

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