Moving day etiquette – things your movers want you to know

Moving an entire home is not an easy endeavor. With all the packing, signing of documents, decluttering, and million other things, once the relocation day arrives, it is normal to feel stressed out. It is OK to worry if everything will go according to the plan and whether there will be accidents. However, it is precisely at moments like these that the worst in us can come out. And even though we made sure to hire the best moving professionals in the business, it is hard to relax and let them do their job. So we, the customers, end up being the problem that delays the work. It is for this exact reason everybody should be familiar with moving day etiquette. Here are a few things your movers would like you to know for the relocation process to be stress-free for everybody involved.

Make sure you know beforehand about your movers’ policy on helping

Moving might look easy, but it is quite an intricate process that involves a lot of planning. And professional movers have the experience and know-how that guarantee everything will run smoothly. Additionally, there is also the fact that most companies charge you per hour. So it is in your best interest that you relocate as fast as possible. But if you start interfering, you will inevitably slow everything down. And even though you tried very hard to manage your moving budget, all your effort is wasted. However, this moving day etiquette is not only about money and delays. The moving crew knows best, not only how to relocate you but to protect you and their coworkers from injury.

Keeping your children and pets out of the house

Once the movers arrive, expect organized chaos. Your home will be full of people running around, lifting boxes, and handling heavy furniture. With so many people and bulky items, your child or pet might get injured or cause someone else to trip and fall. Even if you are planning a DIY movekeeping a close eye on children and trying to work is almost impossible. Therefore, take them to a friend’s or relative’s place, or free up some space and designate a room for play.

Do not forget to pack an essentials bag

More often than not, people forget to pack an essentials bag, but this is a serious mistake. If, for example, you have a chronic ailment and need to take medication regularly, you are at risk if you cannot find them during the move. Therefore, you need to prepare the bag with items you might need on that day. The best way to do it is to make a list beforehand. Medicine is the most important item, then keys, wallet, toiletries, a change of clothes for every family member, snacks, and anything your kids and pets might need. Also, if you have any important documents that you cannot afford to lose, keep them in the bag. And remember, do not pack it with everything else into the moving truck. Where you go, it goes.

Ensure that everything is packed before the movers arrive

There is nothing worse for the movers than arriving at a home that is days away from being ready. It sometimes happens when people underestimate the amount of work that they need to do, so they give themselves just a few days to finish everything. It is not something you have to worry about if you hire professional movers to do the packing. However, if you wish to save money by DIYing, you need to know the proper way to pack. Otherwise, the workers you are paying by the hour will just be standing around waiting for you to finish. You do not have to break your back rushing, so make a schedule and assign an hour each day just for packing.

Empty all the drawers

Do not use your drawers, desks, and armoires for storing because it will make them heavy to lift. Also, the contents inside may move around, and the workers can lose the grip and get injured. Therefore, many moving companies advise against this. However, some recommend it as they have fewer things to move, so it will take them less time to finish, so it is best to ask the company about their policy before you start packing your belongings. And if it is OK with them, make sure to seal the drawers with duct tape or wrap them tightly with wrapping sheets.



Tipping your movers is not a must, but it will be appreciated. There are no fixed rules, but generally, 10% to 15% of the overall cost of the move is appropriate. However, if you are on a budget and need to save money, there are other ways you can contribute. Because relocation can last for hours, it would be best to have snacks and drinks to offer. It is strenuous work, and helping them stay hydrated is a nice gesture. It will work great in your favor because your concerns will not go unnoticed. Therefore, make sure to stock your fridge beforehand or order pizzas for everybody.

Ultimately, abiding by the rules and respecting moving day etiquette benefits you

It is the little things that make a difference, and respecting somebody else’s work is the ultimate sign of respect. Therefore, make sure that when the moving day arrives, you abide by the rules of the moving company you hired. A moving day etiquette is just a guideline because every company has different policies, so make sure you are well informed before the crew arrives.

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