How To Efficiently Pack A Truck For DIY Moving

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Preparing Your Furniture For Loading

Disassembling furniture such as beds and tables will make it easier to pack it neatly in the truck, saving you time and space. This will also make it lighter for carrying. Once this is done, you can tape together items such as bed frames to allow for easy handling and more stability during transport.

Place any screws that you remove in a small plastic bag and tape to the piece of furniture that they were removed from. This will save you much hassle and time when reassembling.

Tap your drawers shut properly so they do not slide out during carrying or transport. You can do this before loading into the truck if the item isn’t to heavy. Alternatively for heavier pieces, you can take out the drawers and put them back in and tape shut after the item has been loaded in the truck.

Remove all cushions from sofas; these can be useful for protecting more fragile items. Also keep aside things such as rugs and big blankets that maybe of use for protection.

Wrap your mattresses and sofa cushions to prevent them from getting dirty. You can also use your sofa cushions and mattresses once wrapped to protect items such as mirror, glass tops or paintings by sliding them in between.

Next you will need to move as much of your furniture outside to the back of the truck as possible, this way you will be able to see all you need to pack and work out how to most efficiently play your game of furniture Tetris.

Only do this if it is safe to do so. Avoid causing complete obstructions for passers by or your neighbors.

Make sure you have a clear path from the house to the truck right from the start, this can save frustration.

Loading Your Moving Truck

You must always load the heaviest items first, if you load lighter items first, the truck will be difficult to drive and your lighter items may get crushed. Always try to spread the load evenly over the axel, this help to keep the steering balanced. In other words, try packing the truck so that the right side weighs roughly as much as the left side. Your aim should be to pack your load as tightly as possible, to eliminate any movement or sliding during transport.

Your appliances such as fridges and washing machines are generally the heaviest, so pack those first right up against the wall. Remember to always transport all these electronic appliances upright, do not lie them down or pack them on their side.

Naturally you will be packing from floor to ceiling so work in rows, pack your appliances against the back wall of the truck and then pack lighter items on top. Next slide in your sofas and large piece of furniture such as tables, chairs and entertainment units along the longest sides of the truck. You can tie these items securely to the side of truck with ropes or straps.

Use straps or rope to tie your furniture together as you pack it in the truck, this will help with stability and stop anything from sliding or moving around.

Lastly, pack your boxes into the back of the truck. Start with the heaviest at the bottom and work your way up to the lightest. Pack box’s containing fragile items closest to the top where they wont get crushed.

Remember, most importantly, you want everything to fit together like a puzzle so that nothing will slide around or move during transport and you want your load weight to be spread out evenly for better handling and safer driving. If the truck space is to big, keep the height of your packing low so the entire floor space is used evenly.

Happy Moving!

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