What You Need To know Before Making A Moving Truck Rental Reservation

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Whether you are moving long distance or local, securing a moving truck rental in New York City could be a challenge. From Cargo vans to 26’ trucks, finding the right size rental truck when you need it could be difficult process for anyone living in the big city. As moving professionals, we will discuss some important things you need to know before making a moving truck rental reservation.

Getting A Local Moving Truck Rental

If you are moving local around the city, you may have a better time securing a rental truck when you need it. While dealers often have various size local rentals on hand, it may not be difficult to rent one for a short time period provided you are moving local and could return it on time. However, you should always make an online reservation to avoid peak moving day scheduling which could be unpredictable.

One-Way Moving Truck Rental

One-way truck rentals are always difficult to secure for walk-in customers in New York City. This is because truck vendors have certain trucks they use for those potential customers seeking one-way moving truck rentals out of town. One way rental trucks are often problematic since most vendors often have designated trucks that’s used as one way rentals.

Guaranteed reservations for one-way moving truck rentals are sometimes a mere exaggeration in the big city. The fact that another unsuspecting customer may fail to return the rental truck on time could sometimes expose you to huge delays. Dealers often contact customers to know if they are in the process of returning the truck within a reasonable time to avoid disappointing you as a customer.

When a customer at fails to bring the truck back on time, they are often fined. The rental dealer may then have no other option but to accommodate you with another if not larger rental moving truck. Depending on how dire the situation is, rental truck vendors may even lower mileage rates or throw in some free rental days and/ or travel miles to keep you happy.

Knowing Your Rental Truck Reservation Options

Whether you plan on reserving online, in-person or by phone, you should never assume that a truck is available for you because you may have seen numerous rental trucks parked on the vendor’s premises.

In most cases, moving truck rental companies like Uhaul, Budget, Penske, etc., may often have most on-site trucks already reserved and awaiting pickup during peak rental days. Avoid waiting until the last minute to find a reputable New York City rental truck vendor.

Once you find the right size truck, you should secure a reservation. By going early to pick up your rental truck you will avoid long lines. Make sure meet standard rental requirements by having your credit card and your driver’s license or driving help handy. If you do not have a driver to help you, don’t feel discouraged! You should be able to secure reliable, customer rated driving help and movers from moving marketplace sites like moving help.

What To Know When Returning Your Rental Truck

Several things you need to know when returning your rental truck to avoid fines and surcharges. First, you should make sure that you secure and load all rental equipment into the truck. Remove any packaging tape from your moving blankets prior to counting and folding them as specified on your rental contract.

We recommend that you remove any large items and sweep the truck with a broom. This way you will find any important screws, shelf holders, etc. that may have fallen from your furniture or boxes.

Also, check your cargo area so that there is nothing left between the seats or on the floor. Place any garbage items in a bag so that they could be properly disposed of upon departure.

Refuel the moving truck according to the levels confirmed in your rental contract. Some rental truck dealers charge a fine up to $30, and as much as $5 per gallon refueled. By following these simple steps, you will avoid having unnecessary charges added to your invoice. Remember, rental truck dealers will charge these items to your credit or debit card on file.

Whether its the bronx, Manhattan or brooklyn making a moving truck rental reservation in New York City could be a very difficult and time-consuming process, but it does not have to be. By sharing our advice and tips on what you need to know when securing a moving truck rental reservation, you could save time and money on your next household move.