Save or Splurge How-To Manage Your Moving Budget

If you’re getting ready to move, you know that the costs of relocating can really add up. Between paying for professional movers and purchasing furniture and decor for your new home, you might be spending more on your move than you anticipated.

As you prepare for your move, you should know that there are a few areas where you can save money without compromising on convenience or quality. Here’s what you should save and splurge on during your move.

Save: Packing Materials

Don’t be tempted to buy new boxes and containers to store your belongings for the move. Instead, start by using any cardboard boxes that you have lying around the house. You can also ask your family and friends if they have any cardboard boxes you can use – chances are, they will have a few that they can get rid of.

Dig out your old duffel bags, utilize suitcases, and use Tupperware containers for small items. Wrap fragile items in blankets, sheets, and towels to protect them from breaking. Feeling overwhelmed by all of your clutter? Now is the perfect time to host a garage sale to get some of it off of your hands.

Splurge: Takeout

It’s moving day. All of your kitchenware is packed, you and your friends are tired and hungry, and your pantry is practically empty. Instead of reaching for the remaining snacks, give yourself a break – it’s time to order some takeout.

Eating out or ordering pizza during your last days in your old house and your first days in your new house will cost you more than buying groceries, but it’s much more convenient. Plus, everyone who helped you move will be grateful!

Save: Movers

Yes, hiring movers will account for most of your spending – but chances are, you can still find ways to save on this big expense. For a local move, hourly rates generally start around $25 to $50. If you’re moving long-distance, you’ll likely end up paying anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000 or more.

According to The Moving Blog, you should get quotes from several moving companies to compare costs, and you might even be able to negotiate for a lower price. Furthermore, you can take additional steps to lower your overall costs. For example, you’ll pay less if you pack everything by yourself. You’ll also enjoy lower rates if you avoid scheduling your move on the weekend, around the holidays, or towards the end of the month.

new couch
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Splurge: New Couch

Once you’ve unpacked, you might be ready to purchase some new furniture. If you’re in need of a new couch, feel free to treat yourself. When it comes to couches, mattresses, pillows, or recliners, you should be willing to shell out a little more cash to buy new. If you purchase a used couch or other furniture with fabric coverings, you could be unknowingly inviting bed bugs into your home – and getting rid of them could cost you thousands of dollars.

Save: Wood Furniture

While you’ll want to buy some furniture new, like couches, you can also safely purchase used wood furniture to save money. For instance, you may want to pick up a used table, chairs, a dresser, or small end tables.

When buying used furniture, Rent suggests carefully inspecting the piece, asking the seller questions, and testing it out to ensure it’s comfortable before you make your final purchase. Plus, older furniture is generally quite sturdy and built to last, so you’ll be getting plenty of use out of these items for years to come.

Yes, moving is time-consuming and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you know where to cut corners in your budget, you can pack up, relocate, design your new space, and still maintain a nice savings cushion.

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